Just checking in

Hi everyone,

We’ve both been very busy lately so haven’t had much time to blog but we’ve been able to set up our wordpress site fairly nicely. Check out the designs and animations we’ve uploaded :). They’re mostly older ones because Fausto hasn’t had time to do any recently. He’s been very busy working on upgrading his resume to an infographic resume. It’s going to look very cool and hopefully make him stand out from the crowd for his job hunting.  He was also working on a poster for the Paramore competition (which we’ve uploaded) so best of luck for that!

I’m busy setting up our other wordpress site which will be where we post our tutorials and upcycling projects. We’ve got a few projects we’re working on so hopefully we can upload some pics soon. We’re hoping to get enough products done and including the Fausto Production artworks open a market stall soon :).

Here are some pics of one of our main ideas for incorporating Fausto’s designs into upcycled products. We took the designs he’s been working on and created these awesome clear photos to hang up. We gave our first ones to Fausto’s mum and she has them hanging in the dining room and they look amazing. We think this is a project that will sell well and is very versatile for the designs we will create.

We’re still working on  these pictures as actual illustration but they’re almost done. We just have the backgrounds to do. So stay tuned for them because we will upload them soon.

-Steff and Fausto