I’ve teamed up with @fallenintofantasy and @flybynightbatclinic to help a cause near and dear to my heart. it’s baby bat season and it’s going to be a hot one which means loads of batties to rescue and a fair amount of babies to take care of. These species are impacted by habitad destruction and improper fruit netting. So to help raise funds we’ve just launched our new pin kickstarter featuring these adorable baby bat crepes! . . . . Last year we raised $450 to rehabilitate rescue bat’s in Melbourne. Flying foxes/bats help our environment by distributing pollen far and wide. Helping them helps our forests as well. For more info on bats and how you can help check out @flybynightbatclinic . . . . fallenintofantasy#pingamestrong #pinaddict #pincommunity #pintrill #pinlord #enamelpins #lapelpin #pincollection #batpin #saveourwildlife #charity #kickstartercampaign #australianwildlife #flyingfox #conservation #crepes


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