Happy lunar new year. @fallenintofantasy and myself always take this time to remenise what’s to come for the new year. It’s 2019 and the year that the movie #akira is based on, its also the year of the pig and there is no one cooler that represents the pig essence more than #porcorosso I love the idea of a more traditional new year celebration, focusing on thanking the year for what you’ve had and celebrating the new year to come. We hope you have an amazing new year and celebrate the one to come, it’s a fresh start a new time to make better, bigger or smaller choices. It’s a time to just be you. Got some cool stuff this year, check out my link in my profile to check the new pins we got going on focusing on yokai monsters. My new store having some limited prints to go. . . . . #fausto #faustoart #faustodraws #porcorosso #studioghibli #studioghibliinspired #fanart #fanartthursday #art #lunarnewyear #yearofthepig #yearofthepig2019 #newyear #celebration #flying #planes #castle #food

via Instagram http://bit.ly/2GhB7xB

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