Happy #internationalwomensday I cannot express how much I appreciate being raised by a strong woman like my mum. Lived with strong women like my three sisters and now living with my partner @fallenintofantasy who is an amazing artist and strong woman. I am very lucky to suround myself with amazing women like @katartillustrations @art_by_miss_e @ohjessicajessica @jessica___1990 @veronicanferguson @cassieesmith @justanotheragency @p1xels @justinemcallister @george_rose just to name a few of the many many amazing women working hard as hell and moving forward. I am proud of being able to be around you, to learn from you and to receive all the wisdom I can from you. I can’t thank you enough and I hope one day of thanks becomes 365days a year. . . . . . #happyinternationalwomensday


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