I’m super in love with @kiernanshipka ‘s representation of sabrina in #thechillingadventuresofsabrina and had to do a little throw back to @melissajoanhart ‘ s sabrina with the different dimension wardrobe. I wasn’t sure how to replicate the automatic dress changing which were in both series, so I thought it would set the frame in a better pose if she was just normally changing. Can’t help but love the kick ass save the day female empowerment of sabrina, the comics, the TV show and now the Netflix series which show an empowered young woman facing life and kicking it’s ass. The twist to bring it to a more darker themed like the new comics was also gold. Ahh soo good, definatelly worth a watch if you haven’t. . . . . #fausto #faustodraws #sabrina #thechillingadventuresofsabrina #witch #spells #wardobe #thedevil #devil #teenage #sabrinatheteenagewitch #salem #salemwitch #cat #kitty #witchery #eviltwin #takenbyevil #fightingevil #dressup


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