About me


FAUSTO is an up and coming muralist and illustrator recognised for his stylised
diverse colour asthetic and story rich artworks. His experimental, emotive and genre
defying artwork crosses effortlessly between manga, anime, fine art, comics and

His resume displays a range of gallery exhibitions, private and public commissions,
various publications and projects under his belt. FAUSTO is a highly skilled craftsman with a unique concept driven vision all of his own.

Career highlights include murals for the Knox skatepark and Kingston council.

Fausto is the winner of the 2018 Immerse art exhibition curated by the Knox city Council.

Fausto Gallego (that’s me :P): born in Colombia, South America now living in Melbourne, Australia.
As a kid I loved to draw, since I could pick up a pencil that’s all that I’ve done in my life. Most of my early life I was self taught, until the internet went ONLINE one day and BAM!, a whole new world opened up to me. I was able to see things I’d never dreamed of and spent my time absorbing whatever I could from the online world (and American television) to further develop my passion.
When I was in my teens, I was granted an amazing opportunity. My parents were able to bring me and the rest of my family to Australia, to give us a chance to live our dreams and achieve our goals. I have learned and gained so many things here in Australia and I also met my amazing partner Steff, a born left hander and an artist who i admire & adore! XD

Award winning design- Best Overall Exhibit at the Knox Immerse Exhibition 2018