About me


Fausto Gallego (that’s me :P): born in Colombia, South America now living in Melbourne, Australia.
As a kid I loved to draw, since I could pick up a pencil that’s all that I’ve done in my life. Most of my early life I was self taught, until the internet went ONLINE one day and BAM!, a whole new world opened up to me. I was able to see things I’d never dreamed of and spent my time absorbing whatever I could from the online world (and American television) to further develop my passion.
When I was in my teens, I was granted an amazing opportunity. My parents were able to bring me and the rest of my family to Australia, to give us a chance to live our dreams and achieve our goals. I have learned and gained so many things here in Australia and I also met my amazing partner Steff, a born left hander and an artist who i admire & adore! XD

I have been able to educate myself by getting a Degree and a Diploma in my chosen passion, DESIGNING!  After finishing my University Degree & getting a sense of what the industry is all about, I started freelancing. It’s been about 6 years now since I’ve started designing for clients and creating art work for myself and others and there’s still a lot left to learn.
I am always researching, trying new techniques and experimenting to push myself further to keep extending my work. So follow me and see the different ways in which I live, create and our explore this amazing world.



Award winning design- Best Overall Exhibit at the Knox Immerse Exhibition 2017