Heya guys will be at booth 97 in the artist alley @ozcomiccon this weekend excitement maxu! We have some new artwork and we have a few new products we’re releasing at the con. For now they re hush hush, and ill put them up in the store if there are any left after the con maxu!

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For my 2nd entry for #wacomnextlevel My parents always told me to stay away from tv. Read more, get more culture, see people. I love them for that, but in an age where you carry a small tv in your pocket, where there are digital advertisements everywhere, where u can ask your tech about things around, where u can contact someone across the globe and something we can read all the books we want. It’s hard to say whether i would go back to an age where there would be no tv, or whether i even could. Inspired by 1989 #ghostintheshellmanga and #akira its a mix on bioengineering and japanese culture.

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LET’S GET READYYYY TOOO RUUUMMMBBBLLEEE! This is my first entry for 2017 #wacomnextlevel, this illustration was inspired by Otomo’s #akira 1988 (year i was born). In an age of advancing technology i always think on whether more technology makes us less or more human. In an age were we feel connected and alone more than ever. It is wonderful to think where technology will take human kind. Its exciting maxu! Thanks heaps to @justanotheragency and @wacomanz for bringing this amazing oportunity a second year around. Have a look at the # and check out the other entries, but if you like my entry, please like and share if you like.

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Having a super blast with my new @lousy.ink today at #supernova2017. Thanks heaps to everyone that commented on the piece. Hit me up for commission availability or come say hi tomorrow at booth 185. Oh i also have a new colouring zine maxu! LOVE YOU GUYS MAXU!

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