I’ve teamed up with @fallenintofantasy and @flybynightbatclinic to help a cause near and dear to my heart. it’s baby bat season and it’s going to be a hot one which means loads of batties to rescue and a fair amount of babies to take care of. These species are impacted by habitad destruction and improper fruit netting. So to help raise funds we’ve just launched our new pin kickstarter featuring these adorable baby bat crepes! . . . . Last year we raised $450 to rehabilitate rescue bat’s in Melbourne. Flying foxes/bats help our environment by distributing pollen far and wide. Helping them helps our forests as well. For more info on bats and how you can help check out @flybynightbatclinic . . . . fallenintofantasy#pingamestrong #pinaddict #pincommunity #pintrill #pinlord #enamelpins #lapelpin #pincollection #batpin #saveourwildlife #charity #kickstartercampaign #australianwildlife #flyingfox #conservation #crepes

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Rest in power master #Stanlee . Thank you for helping to usher in a new era of superhero storytelling. You will live on in the characters and stories you helped create.

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My partner steffy is the best! @fallenintofantasy has put out a new kickstarter to make a second rendition of #HOWL’S MOVING DOORS. As usual they are limited edition. So stoked how the first doors came out and we got way too many people wanting them back. But as we try to do something different we made a #lovers set made of black nickel and a variant of shades for the set. We have always been inspired by #ghibli movies and the worlds they take us into. #lovestudioghibli #shades #howlsmovingcastle

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It’s #inktober time! Soooo I’ve come up with my own #inktoberprompt cause I think inktober should be fun. Should delve into some water colours to get more XP with them. I’m gonna try my best to do all of them I’ve done a bit of set up meow #creatureinktober . . . . #inktober #inktoberlist #inktoberprompts #inktober2018 #inktoberart #inktoberjapanese

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Any Harry Potter fans out there? 😜 Love how this design turned out. I’ve always thought that platform 9 3/4 must be some kind of magical space portal. Just listed these awesome holographic stickers in our etsy store. Link in bio.

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‘Clashing of titans’ Last submission for this years #wacomnextlevel the competition is getting #fierce and i wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the judges from @wacomanz @wacom and @justanotheragency definatelly #checkout that hashtag there are some amazing works in there.

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