Knox Immerse Exhibition 2018

‘Buzzer Beater’

Buzzer Beater is inspired by the moment the ball leaves a player’s hand, when the buzzer is sounded. The shot when everything is up in the air. Through the use of juxtaposition, my work captures this pause, when neither team or observers knows which team will win or lose.

Mural with acrylic paint- Location: Rowville Community Centre – Basketball Stadium Air Lock



‘Blood Sweat and Tears’

WINNING DESIGN- Best Overall Exhibit 2018

Blood Sweat and Tears depicts the struggle of female skaters in a male dominated sport, even one as inclusive as skateboarding. The likes of Lizzie Armanto, Elissa Streamer, and young Sabre Norris to name a few, a driving force for a change in opportunities around the skating world.

Billboard print- Location: Knox Skate and BMX Park – The Billboard

For more details on the exhibtion check out the Knox Council website.

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