Knox Immerse Festival 2019

‘We All Gotta Eat’

We All Gotta Eat’ is looking into similarities we share as people.

As a species we have to consume substance to continue existing. Its a reason for being, a connection with the local community displaying some of the faces, races, sexual orientation, age of people that might be your neighbours.

The idea of sharing a story is represented by the shared food. I was fascinated as a kid by the scene of two dogs eating a bowl of spaghetti as representation of love, acceptance of different race, social economic status and the understanding that they needed it to survive.

This is a layered project shown in the acronym of We All Gotta Eat which to me is a stance to the government to produce an equal WAGE between women and men. It is a simple but tremendous step we must make to get closer to equality just like ‘We All Gotta Eat’.

Coming from a big family we’ve always settle our differences in the table, the food table. Growing up and moving from Colombia to Australia; coming into a country known for the diversity of cultures it’s impressive to notice how we can overcome differences in each other and just be human.

I use a juxtaposition of strong and calming colours to portray a sense of brightness and fun, with flat colours to separate both the objects and the viewer. As a whole the viewer is pulled together to make it into a large table.

Mural with acrylic paint- Location: Westfield Knox City


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